Project Description

NOW Australia – Justice Connect Online Sexual Harassment Tool

NOW Australia is partnering with Justice Connect to help people who have experienced workplace sexual harassment to obtain free legal and non-legal help.

A bit of background

Despite the prevalence of sexual harassment in Australia and the detrimental effects of sexual harassment on individuals and her broader community:

  • There is a lack of services that provide specialist support to people experiencing sexual harassment and inadequate funding for existing services to develop and deliver specialist sexual harassment services.
  • There is no sexual harassment phone line and/or online resources that provides tailored information on sexual harassment, counselling and/or legal advice.
  • People who experience sexual harassment are unsure where to go for help.

Over the past year, NOW Australia has spent a great deal of time consulting with the legal and community sectors to work out the best way we can help people experiencing workplace sexual harassment.

We have come to the conclusion that we should use digital technology to ensure that people in low-income occupations can access sexual harassment information and legal advice.

For that reason, we have decided to work with Justice Connect to raise funds to build an online sexual harassment tool.

Why Justice Connect?

Justice Connect helps people and community groups access the help they need for their legal problems. They collaborate with the right people and organisations – pro bono firms, healthcare services, homelessness groups and more – to get the right help to the right people at the right time.

Most importantly, after 25 years of helping people access legal help, Justice Connect is working hard to scale its impact through digital innovation. They are world leaders in using human-centred design to achieve access to justice.

Justice Connect’s Gateway Project

In early 2018, Justice Connect launched the Gateway Project, which is a world-first end-to-end digital solution that helps people in need understand and explain their legal problems, communicate service options available to them, and connect them to our network of 10,000 pro bono lawyers.

Justice Connect’s Gateway Project uses human-centred system design to provide an intuitive online tool that links people and organisations with a more effective and efficient way to access the right legal help for them. Good Design Australia recently presented the project with a Gold Good Design Award.

NOW Australia – Justice Connect Online Sexual Harassment Tool

Using NOW Australia’s profile and Justice Connect’s expertise in legal service design and delivery, we are currently seeking funding to add a specialised sexual harassment tool to the Gateway Project. This will help people experiencing sexual harassment, especially those in low-income occupations, access legal advice.

The end-to-end project involves:

  • Using Justice Connect’s existing infrastructure and the expertise of their digital innovation team to design a bespoke online and phone-based entry point for people who have experienced sexual harassment.
  • Providing help-seekers with the tools they need to help themselves, including plain language, practical legal information on sexual harassment.
  • Providing free legal assistance to help-seekers via:
    • In-house legal advice delivered by a Justice Connect lawyer and paralegal specialising in sexual harassment for simple one-off issues.
    • Referral to Justice Connect’s network of over 10,000 specialist pro bono lawyers for more complex specialist matters.

Your donation can help us build the NOW Australia-Justice Connect online sexual harassment tool